Determine What Data Are Needed

Choose questions from the list of topics.

When you have a survey that will address the issues you have outlined, submit the questions to the Laboratory for Community and Economic Development. LCED staff will design a customized camera ready version of your survey. Your committee will be responsible for duplicating the questionnaire for distribution.

For each category, check the questions you want to include in your survey. Don't forget to include demographic questions to learn more about your respondent.

Use the submit survey command at the bottom of each category to view the potential layout of the survey. Don't forget to submit the survey to the LCED when your committee has reached concensus on which questions to include.

  • Community
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Municipal
  • Retail Trade
  • - Shopping
  • Schools
  • Solid Waste/Environment
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • - Recreational Facilities
  • Taxes
  • Youth

  • Youth Risk Survey

  • Surveys for Community Business

  • Internet
  • Demand for Internet
  • Continue