Building Partnerships: Enhancing Internet Use in Rural Illinois

Electronic Mailing Lists on Community College Issues

List Name: DLPACC
Short Description: Distance Learning Project of American Community Colleges
Administrative Address:
Info file: No additional information available.
List Name: FACTC
Short Description: Community College Faculty Discussion Group
Administrative Address:
Info file:
List Name: PSYCC-L
Short Description: Community College Psychology Instructors
Administrative Address: LISTSERV@UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU
Info file: This list is to provide a forum for communication among psychology instructors in community colleges.
List Name: TCC-L
Short Description: Teaching in the Community Colleges
Administrative Address: LISTSERV@uhccvm.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Info file: The purpose of this list is to provide Community College teachers with an electronic forum for the discussion of instruction-related topics, trends, issues, strategies, and resources.
Short Description: Community College Internal Audit forum
Administrative Address:
Info file: AUDITCCIA has been set up to provide a communication link for Community College Internal Auditors. We hope it will be an open conversation on audit topics that community college auditors are currently facing.

 Whether you are beginning an audit and would like to have input from someone who has covered the topics before or just have general questions about something, someone out there may already have invented the wheel.

 Our goal is to maximize the communication between auditors.

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