"Building Partnerships"
Sources for Grants

  1. SRA GrantsWeb/Research Administrators Resource Page (http://sra.rams.com/cws/sra/resource.htm)
  2. Most popular website about grants. There are links to it on about every page that pertains to grants and grantwriting.

  3. Funding Information (http://www.academicinnovations.com/funding.html)
  4. Place for finding information about writing proposals for funding and how to get started with greater effectiveness.

  5. Grant Writing Hints (http://www.eduplace.com/math/mkeys/grants.html)
  6. Gives tips on how to be effective in receiving funding, and also lists of resources with methods of contacting them.

  7. Nonprofit Resources Catalogue: Grants and Funding Sources

  8. (http://www.clark.net/pub/pwalker/Fundraising_and_Giving/Grants_and_Funding_Sources/)

    Several pages full of links to Nonprofit Organizations that fund certain programs.

  9. Electronic Reference -- Grants and Other Funding Sources (http://www.lib.utk.edu/refs/grants.html)
  10. A Yahoo-like page that gives several links and a brief description of each page.

  11. DeWitt Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund - Home Page (http://www.dewittwallace.org/)
  12. Page about grants that are aimed at low income communities and school-age youth.

  13. Learn and Serve America (http://www1.whitehouse.gov/WH/EOP/cns/html/ls-1.html)
  14. Learn and Serve America is a grants program that supports teachers and community members who involve young people in service that relates to studies in school. Two broad categories of grants are available:

  15. College of Fine Arts Grants Assistant (http://www.orat.ilstu.edu/oratGrants/oratGrants.html)
  16. Page contains several useful links toward the end of the page starting with Grant Tutorials on Internet.

  17. Foundation Center's Publications and CD-ROMs (http://fdncenter.org/book/contents.html)
  18. The Foundation Center is a leading publisher of books and CD-ROMs of interest to those who are doing research on grants. Their publications fall into these categories:

    • Grantmaker Directories
    • Grant Directories
    • Regional/International Directories
    • Subject Directories
      • Arts/Culture
      • Community Development
      • Education
      • Environment
      • Health
      • Information Technology
      • International
      • Libraries
      • Religion
      • Social Services
      • Women and Girls
    • Nonprofit Management, Fundraising and Philanthropy
  19. Education Program Guidelines (http://www.dana.org/dana/educationpolicies.html)
  20. Little description about the program, then links to information about foundations and grants. As of 2-7- 1997 could not connect to the page.

  21. Martindale's "The Reference Desk: Grants & Education"

  22. (http://physics.hallym.ac.kr/education/lecture/SEP/HSG/RefGrants.html#GRAN)

    Links to pages for grants (most research) can be found at the bottom of the page. Kind of graphical page, may take a little time to load on a modem.

  23. More WVA World School Grants (http://ba.com/nr/95/nov/wsch-grant.html)
  24. Story about recipients and about the project. Maybe helpful in similar programs?

  25. WPS Grants (http://www.wayland.k12.ma.us:80/resources/grants.html)
  26. Community school with links for grants and descrition of education grants and whatnot.

  27. Grants and Funding Menu (http://www.sils.umich.edu:80/~nesbeitt/nonprofits/fundingmenu.html)
  28. List of links for information with a description of each project.

  29. NMSU Library - Grants Information (http://lib.nmsu.edu:80/subject/grants/grants.html)
  30. List of links of federal grants and then some links to specific oriented grants.

  31. School Improvement and Grants (http://edtech.kennesaw.edu:80/links/improve.html)
  32. Few links, might be helpful for dealing with education and improving it.

  33. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Grant Sources for Educators

  34. (http://www.capecod.net:80/Wixon/business/grants.htm)

    Links for education grants and a link to Resource Guide to Federal Funding for Technology in Education

  35. Sources of Information on Grants and Foundations (http://www.albion.edu:80/fac/libr/grants.htm)
  36. List of internet grants and foundations links that starts about half way down the page.

  37. School-to-Work National Office (http://www.stw.ed.gov/)
  38. Lists of offices that one can contact about grants for this program.

  39. Internet Road map - Grants & Funding (http://www.fairview.leon.k12.fl.us/grants.html)
  40. List of links to other pages pertaining to grants.

  41. Money Matters (http://www.ed.gov/funding.html)
  42. Section called Grants and Contracts/Grants Reengineering that has links to help get grants.

  43. InghamNet: Curriculum Resources : Grants and Funding Resources (http://isd.ingham.k12.mi.us/curric/grants/)
  44. 4 links to other pages that have grant information.

  45. Internet Grant Resources (http://www.med.sc.edu/GRANTS.HTM)
  46. Links to all kinds of grants.

  47. Funding and Related Resources (http://www.mcrel.org/connect/funding.html)
  48. Links to many other pages with information of grants.

  49. Grants and Funding (http://www.aeiveos.com/resource/grants.html)
  50. Links to grants.

  51. Resource Guide to Federal Funding for Technology in Education (http://www.ed.gov/Technology/tec-guid.html)
  52. No description needed, the title says it all.

  53. Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page (http://www.gsn.org/indexhi.html)
  54. Have 2 versions, hi and low end versions. High-end is more graphical, but requires longer to load. Really no funding value??? but provides programs for students to become involved in????

  55. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Home Page (http://www.macfdn.org/)
  56. Foundation provides funding for community development. Can be accessed through Grant Writing and Foundation Resources also.

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