Overview of Educational Partners

The University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, the Laboratory for Community and Economic Development and six rural Illinois Community Colleges are working together on a project, Educational Partners: Enhancing Internet Use in Rural Illinois, to bring Internet technologies to rural communities to enhance community networking and community development. This project is supported by the Illinois Board of Higher Education - Higher Education Cooperation Act, the Laboratory for Community and Economic Development and the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service.

This project is providing Community College (CC) faculty and staff with a packaged program on Internet training; helping the CCs and the Cooperative Extension Service (CES) reach new audiences using contacts from each other; and designing additional technical assistance that will be shared among CCs and the citizens they serve, the University of Illinois CES, and the Laboratory for Community and Economic Development at the University of Illinois.

This project is organized into three Phases:

  • Phase 1: Cramming on Campus: CC staff come to the University of Illinois campus to explore the Internet, walk through the basic Internet training course, learn about different models for community networking, and develop resources and sources for future programming.

  • Phase 2: Planning the Basic Internet Course and Building Community Support: The CC and CES staff design an introductory Internet training course and plan a meeting for the entire community.

  • Phase 3: Building a Virtual Community: CC staff will use Internet-based technologies to enhance student education and community networking, community development and economic development.
This project creates a "train-the-trainer" system that directly touches CC and the local CES staff, who, in turn, serve their student participants, adult learners and citizens.
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