The Illinois Community Network (ICN) developed by the Technology Research Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and now supported by the Laboratory for Community and Economic Development, is an online resource for communities. The site was designed to support community networking efforts around the state of Illinois at the local and state levels with an internactive, dynamic, and updated resource of community network information.

This site represents a blending of technology and content within an interactive environment where users share information and knowledge. The ICN will serve as a clearinghouse where partners can post information online and users are directed to meaningful resources related to technology adoption for community development. This site will provide a comfortable environment, where community users can build a knowledge network as they link resources, expertise and interests. Perhaps the most unique aspect of ICN, however, is that citizens from across Illinois collaborate to provide a dynamic database of information about their state and local activities.

Specifically, ICN provides a searchable database of community network activities, Illinois community websites, and contact names for projects, as well as detailed information about each project's goals, sponsors, technical infrastructure, participation level and funding.

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