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What's Your Telecommunications Quotient

This tool is intended to help your committee understand their feelings toward using computer and telecommunications technologies. It can be an effective ice-breaking activity as your community begins to address the bigger issues of telecommunications planning.

Please read the following statements about using telecommunications technologies. Check a response from 1 - 7 that best reflects your opinion for each of the statements that follow. If you don't know about an item, check the response under Don't Know.




1. a. Computer applications (word processing, spreadsheets, data base management, etc.) have improved my productivity.
b. For me, it is more convenient to use electronic mail than other means of sending mail.
c. I use electronic communication resources (email, WWW) every day.
d. Email is as easy to use as the telephone.
    Definitely     Maybe     Not at all  
e. There is a greater need for electronic communications for members in my community.
f. There are many tools and applications available on the WWW to help me in my work.
g. In my community, there is adequate technical support for using communications technologies.
  h. It is important to invest in training programs to get more community members comfortable with telecommunications technologies (email, Internet, web design, etc.).
  i. Ecommerce will provide many new economic development opportunities for our community.
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